NBN Co really wants you to get faster internet – these providers have cut prices to help you switch

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In case you missed it, changes were made to the wholesale pricing of NBN plans last month. Why should you care? Well, it’s essentially an effort to get more people on faster internet, and it means some of the fastest NBN plans are now cheaper than they used to be.

We’ve found out exactly which telcos have cut their prices, and so far, it’s a short list. The NBN providers which have passed on the wholesale saving to their customers are Aussie Broadband, iPrimus, More and Tangerine.

Aussie Broadband is offering the biggest price cut we’ve seen so far. Its NBN 1000 plan was originally set at AU$149 a month, but it’s now been reduced to AU$129 each billing – that’s a hefty AU$20 price cut. If you’re looking for insanely fast download speeds, Aussie Broadband’s gigabit plan is worth considering.

iPrimus, More and Tangerine have reduced the cost of their premium NBN plans in line with the wholesale pricing changes as well, with price cuts of up to AU$15 across the fast NBN tiers.

We should point out that these telcos aren’t the only ones offering good deals on high-speed NBN plans. Despite not slashing prices, Superloop already offers a great deal on an NBN 1000 plan which starts at AU$99p/m.

Here’s a look at the costs before and after changes to the wholesale price (note that iPrimus has not reduced the cost of its NBN 100 plan).

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NBN prices: before and after wholesale change
Row 0 - Cell 0 NBN 100/20 (before)NBN 100/20 (after)NBN 250 (before)NBN 250 (after)NBN 1000 (before)NBN 1000 (after)
Aussie BroadbandAU$99AU$95AU$129AU$119AU$149AU$129
Average cost in tier*AU$92.10AU$90.69AU$117.56AU$112.81AU$140.30AU$134.70

*average monthly price as of January 10, 2024.

Bad news: slower NBN plans have gotten more expensive

NBN Co cut the wholesale cost of its fastest NBN plans by up to AU$10, but it also increased the cost of its most popular speed tier, NBN 50. The 50Mbps tier has gone up by AU$5 at the wholesale level, and while most telcos have withheld passing on the cost savings from their fast plans, many have not wasted time increasing the price of NBN 50.

Telcos which now have more expensive NBN 50 plans include Telstra, Belong, Exetel, Spintel and Superloop– just to name a few. Aussie Broadband, iPrimus, More and Tangerine have also hiked the cost of their NBN 50 plans, but are thankfully being even-handed by reducing faster plans as well.

Now that the NBN’s price changes are in effect, it’s time to reassess whether your current NBN plan is meeting your needs. You can read our in-depth guide to the best NBN plans for some for our expert picks, our take a look at some of the best internet deals currently available – whether that’s with the NBN or an alternative such as 5G internet.

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