The stunning Pixii Max looks like the ultimate hipster camera for Leica fans

The Pixii Max camera on a red and blue background
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Not everyone wants to own a Canon, Nikon, or Sony, even if they do dominate our guide to the best cameras – and for photographers who like their tech to be a little more left-field, the new Pixii Max could be the perfect blend of old and new.

French startup Pixii has been making rangefinder cameras with Leica M mounts since 2018, but the new Max is its first with a full-frame sensor. And like Pixii's APS-C cameras, it promises to be a fascinating blend of modern design and an old-school shooting experience.

That Leica M-mount means the Max is only compatible with manual-focus lenses, which means it'll be an acquired taste. Still, it could certainly appeal to Leica fans who want a something a bit different to their Leica M11 – or those who can't afford to buy one of those new.  

The Pixii Max is certainly no Leica rip-off either, with a modern, minimalist design that's machined from a block of aluminum and has no rear screen. Its optical viewfinder (0.67x magnification) offers a 28mm angle of view with 35mm frame-lines for those who prefer that focal length.

The Max's full-frame sensor is a 24.5MP affair, which Pixii founder David Barth claims is "the sweet spot for contemporary cameras". While modern mirrorless cameras like the Sony A7 IV have moved onto a 33MP resolution, and even APS-C models like the Fujifilm X-T5 have hit 40MP, 24.5MP is still certainly enough resolution for most.

Another modern feature, and one that's still strangely rare on the best mirrorless cameras, is built-in storage. The Max will be available in a 32GB version (which can store around 840 DNGs or 1,700 JPEGs) or a 128GB model (3,350 DNGs or 6,800 JPEGs).  

You'll be able to pre-order the Pixii Max in black or space grey from July 5, with the 32GB model costing £3,385 (about $4,320 / AU$6,430) and the 128GB going for £3,596 (about $4,595 / AU$6,830). Shipping is expected to start in September.

Cameras become fun and weird again

The Pixii Max camera being held in two hands

(Image credit: Pixii)

The rise of smartphones pushed cameras off a cliff in terms of sales and originality, but they've found a new lease of life as demand for a more tactile shooting experience grows – and the Pixii Max could well capitalize.

Ever since the original Pixii Camera landed in 2019 there have been calls for a full-frame version, and the French startup has now delivered. It's also confirmed that it's still committed to the APS-C Pixii Plus, with the Max sitting alongside that camera.

The Max certainly isn't for everyone, but that's the point. A camera with no rear screen, electronic viewfinder, or autofocus is aimed at photography purists, but there are also some refreshingly modern touches, like the internal storage and minimalist design.

The recent popularity of the Fujifilm X100VI is a good omen for compact rangefinder cameras, and the Pixii Max has the left-field appeal to make it one of this year's most intriguing new cameras. We're looking forward to taking one for a spin before it starts shipping later this year.

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