The iconic Polaroid SX-70 instant camera will be immortalized as a Lego set in the new year – bring on 2024!

Lego Polaroid instant camera build completed and on a grey table
(Image credit: Lego)

My favorite camera to look at is the Polaroid SX-70. In fact, I own a brown-leather version and it resides on my bookshelf at home. It's a cult classic instant camera introduced in 1972, and 50 years later the One Step iteration looks set to become a charming Lego set. I simply can't wait to get my hands on it! 

I recently shared my thoughts about the SLR camera-inspired Lego Retro Camera 3-in 1 creator set that is available on the official Lego website for $20 / £17.99, and listed with a January 1, 2024 sales start date. Now, according to all the major Lego fan sites, there's a Lego Polaroid SX-70 One Step (set no.21345) on the horizon too, with a rumored launch date also on New Year's Day. 

I'm a big camera and Lego fan and, like buses, have been waiting ages for a camera-themed set to appear, only for two to come along at once. Still, I'm not complaining –  January 1, 2024 should be a special day!

It's official that the Retro Camera set will be a 261-piece build, recommended for those eight years and older. According to the fan site Bricks Up , the Lego Polaroid SX-70 One Step will cost $79.99 (approx £63), will have around twice the number of pieces, and will be recommended for adults only, with an 18+ age range – not that the rating will put my children off. 

Like the Retro Camera set, the Polaroid SX-70 build packs plenty of charming features that has SX70 fans like me smiling, including a viewfinder, 'working' shutter button and film cassette door. 

As well as the camera, you also get a film pack to build, together with a few instant prints, and it looks as though the film can be positioned in the camera as if it's just ejected after a photo has been taken. Neat.

Many of the design touches, like the rainbow stripe down the middle of the camera, are thanks to actual Lego bricks, whereas other flourishes such as the camera name and the pictures on the instant prints are no doubt stickers. 

Earlier this year, Lego launched a Walt Disney Tribute Camera (set no. 43240) as part of the entertainment giant’s 100-year anniversary, and that's available to buy now (see link below). However, the SX-70 is a more universally known instant camera – a cult classic – and I expect it to sell even better. It's on my wishlist, anyway. This is one of those Lego sets that once it's built, that's how it'll stay, and I'm reserving a place for it on that bookshelf alongside my real SX-70! 

If you love Lego but cameras aren't really your thing, there's plenty of great Cyber Monday lego deals still available. We've also put together plenty of Christmas gift ideas, plus guides to the best Christmas sales in the US and Boxing Day sales in the UK.

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