Broadband speeds to get a lot clearer for consumers thanks to new Ofcom rule

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Buying broadband deals just got even easier thanks to new Ofcom rules that aim to help make customers better informed before they buy. The new protections kick in on March 1 and mean all businesses selling broadband have to clearly state minimum and peak-time speeds before selling.

Since you will now have a minimum speed guaranteed, it's easier to spot if that speed is not being received. This then gives you the power to walk away if the provider isn't delivering on what they promised, so you won't have to pay an early-exit penalty. That even applies to any landline or TV package bought with the broadband, so you don't have to feel trapped regardless of what bundle you've gone for.

"Broadband shoppers can buy with confidence"

The new Fairness for Customers code from Ofcom applies both to new broadband plans and anyone switching providers. That includes copper, cable and fibre broadband and if speeds aren't improved within a month the customer can walk away charge-free.

Lindsey Fussell, Ofcom’s Consumer Group Director, summarised: “These protections mean broadband shoppers can buy with confidence. Before they sign up, customers will be told their minimum internet speed. And if companies break that promise, they’ll have to sort it out quickly, or let the customer walk away.”

Ofcom found that just three in 20 broadband customers tried to renegotiate their broadband last year. Since an upgrade could mean a faster connection and even a saving in charges, this should help to free those feeling trapped. It's a great time as there are currently lots of excellent broadband deals as we've laid out for you here.

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