Sonos headphones rumored for summer release, plus a new speaker I'm not so keen on

Sonos Move 2
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Sonos is gearing up to expand its audio product lineup with the introduction of its first pair of long-awaited wireless headphones in June, as well as a larger new party speaker. According to a report from Bloomberg, the brand’s move into the headphone arena comes after overcoming several software-related challenges that impacted the final stages of development. 

The new pair of Sonos headphones is set to seamlessly integrate with Sonos’ existing range of speakers and soundbars and, as you’d expect, they’re positioned at a premium price point that’s predicted to be around $449 (which would be about £354 / AU$690). To add some context, that would make them one of the more expensive pairs of the best wireless headphones. They’d be cheaper than the Apple AirPods Max at $549 / £549 / AU$899 and around the same price as the Bose QuietComfort Ultra at $429 / £449 / AU$649.

The Sonos headphones have been a long time coming. Rumors have been circulating about what we can expect from Sonos’ foray into the headphones space since way back in 2019, and the brand was said to have shelved the product (albeit not permanently) in 2020. 

Although there have been few confirmed details about what we can expect from the Sonos headphones, Bloomberg reports that Sonos will be producing between 650,000 and 1 million units of them, which means it has confidence they’ll sell well. We also expect from rumors and patents that they’re likely to have a chunky over-ear design and will likely be able to stream music over Wi-Fi when used at home to bring better audio quality.

The release of the Sonos headphones is expected to be in early June, so we won’t have to wait too long to see what other features they’ll bring. Bloomberg reports that Sonos may already be looking at bringing out a second-gen model, as well as wireless earbuds. 

And a Sonos party speaker? We're not so sure about that

As well as reporting that the Sonos headphones are finally on their way, Bloomberg also revealed that the audio tech company has plans to release a new speaker into its line-up. According to Bloomberg, Sonos is working on a large party speaker that's expected to challenge the likes of Sony and the UE Hyperboom

This seems like an odd focus considering the Sonos Move 2 is already incredibly loud and powerful. How much louder would a bigger and beefier Sonos party speaker be capable of getting? And, more importantly, how much more expensive? The best party speaker space is already crowded and, knowing Sonos, its speaker would sound great, work well, but also be a step up in price. And you can already find an alternative, like the large and impressive-sounding Tribit Stormbox Blast, for half the price of the Move 2.

We're having trouble in seeing an even bigger portable speaker finding a big audience. Well, it probably will find one in that it'll be super-loud and people will hear it whether they want to or not – but when it comes to buying it? We're not sure.

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