Report: Samsung's next Galaxy Buds might be the most useful model yet

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro with one in and one out of case
De nya Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro har blivit mindre och bjuder på bättre ljud. (Image credit: Future / Lance Ulanoff)

Information continues to leak about Samsung’s upcoming wearables, namely the Galaxy Buds 3 and the next-gen Galaxy Watch. Beginning with the former, a marketing image for the earbuds was posted on the official Samsung forums of all places by user AffinityNexa. 

The post is still on the website now and shows the earbuds inside a case with a transparent lid. However, the most interesting aspect of the image is the tagline, which reads “Where audio, meets AI."

This leads us to believe that perhaps the Galaxy Buds 3 and Buds 3 Pro will have some sort of AI functionality. Exactly what kind is unknown, although it could be similar to how Nothing earbuds integrate with ChatGPT. Those earbuds let you pinch-to-speak to talk with ChatGPT. It’s possible Samsung plans to do the same thing, but these will likely connect t to Google Gemini instead.

2024 has seen the two tech giants become frequent collaborators. The Galaxy S24 series currently features Circle to Search, and offering quick access to Gemini Nano via the Galaxy Buds3 could be the next major update in the long-running partnership.

Design change

The forum post reveals other features potentially coming to the Galaxy Buds3 duo. According to AffinityNexa, Samsung is redesigning its audio devices by giving them a stem jutting out from the main body, much like AirPods. 

The description matches another leaked image that surfaced on June 21 showing off the Buds 3 sporting a stem. The design isn’t just for looks, though, as it’ll apparently allow for “better controls and microphone quality.”

Inside the earbuds will be “new internal drivers,” presumably enabling better audio output. The battery will reportedly last longer as well, but the amount of time wasn't given. Other notable features include a resistance rating of IP57, allowing the devices to survive brief immersion and Adaptive EQ for adjusting sound profiles on the fly.

Galaxy Watch's new look

As for Galaxy Watches, news site YTECHB unearthed details from a European retailer about what the future wearables could cost and what colors they’ll come in. They claim the 40mm Galaxy Watch7 will cost €314 (about $337), while the 44mm model has a price tag of €345 (roughly $370). The Galaxy Watch Ultra is slated to be much more expensive at €699 or about $750.

The Galaxy Watch7 series will reportedly be available in Cream, Green, or Silver. Samsung’s Galaxy Watch Ultra has three color options: Titanium Gray, Titanium Silver, and Titanium White. It’s unclear if the word “Titanium” refers to the construction or if it’s simply the shade's name. We believe it’s the former, as past rumors have suggested the wearable boasts a titanium casing.

Take everything you read here with a grain of salt as things can always change. We’ll know what's real or not soon enough at Samsung’s next Unpacked event which could be on July 10. A promotional banner was found on a Dutch phone carrier website revealing the date for the big event.

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