One of the best cheap earbuds brands just dropped $25 buds with active noise cancellation

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1More might not have the brand recognition of Sony or Audio-Technica, but when it drops a new pair of earbuds we're going to pay attention: the firm makes our current pick of the best noise cancelling headphones on a budget, and excels in delivering good sound and impressive ANC for low prices.

The firm's latest releases are the 1More Q10 and 1More Q20 true wireless earbuds, which are cheap even by 1More's standards: the Q10 is a cent under $17 and the Q20 is $25. In the UK, the Q10 is currently listed at £24.99 – there's no official word on the Q20 yet, but we'd be amazed if it didn't appear in the UK. The cheaper Q10 model doesn't have ANC, but the Q20 does.

Here's what you get for virtually no money.

1More Q10 and Q20: key features and specifications

The Q10 come in any color you like as long as it's white, and they're based around 13mm dynamic drivers. The buds are IPX4 rated for water resistance, have Bluetooth 5.3 and promise to deliver up to 7.5 hours per bud or 26 hours via the charging case.

The Q20 appear to be the better buy here. They have 10mm dynamic drivers, QuietMax active noise cancellation with wind reduction and transparency mode, and they promise better battery life: up to 30 hours in total with the ANC switched off and 22 hours with ANC on. There are dual microphones per bud with 'AI-powered' nose cancellation and again, wind noise reduction. Like their siblings, they're IPX4 rated but they fit differently: the tips are angled at 45 degrees for a secure seal.

At this price I don't think you should expect audio performance or ANC that's up there with the best earbuds, even in the more mid-range category, such as the Nothing Ear (a). But even those affordable buds cost four times as much as these, so if you're looking for a reasonable set of ANC buds and don't want to spend very much money, these look very tempting indeed. 

As we said in 1More Sonoflow headphones review, they're made for people who "don’t have the budget for high-end headphones and don’t need audiophile-grade sound… we think most people would be impressed by how well they perform." The new Q20s are likely to be similarly impressive for even less cash – we'll review them as soon as we're able.

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