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Connectivity on the Motorola Dext is as well stocked as most mobile phones – it's got Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP stereo streaming, GPS and 3.5G connection (up to 7.2Mbps).

Wi-Fi is a little patchy at times – for some reason it kept deciding against connecting to our secured browser, resulting in us having to trudge through the settings to force it to connect. It's not the best when you consider other Android phones and the iPhone can maintain a connection to wireless networks without a hitch – we'd hoped for better here.

Motorola dext

Bluetooth was more of a success – it synchronised with our Jabra Halo headphones on the third time of asking then stayed stable and automatically connected when they were switched back on. It did have trouble playing music through the headphones for the first minute or two, despite stating it was connected, but it was fine after that.

As we mentioned before, the GPS on the Motorola Dext is excellent, connecting well when we're were out and about, and even managing to find us indoors. It upset us when the likes of the Samsung i7500 Galaxy just refused to work for no reason, and this was a much more pleasant experience.

Motorola dext

The 3G connection was also stable, working well in all the places we're used to getting a strong signal. It might be a while before everyone can get the full 7.2Mbps download speed in the UK, but at least the Dext will be ready for when they do. It's a shame we couldn't actually test stuff downloading to see how fast it really is, but hopefully Motorola will fix this in the near future.