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Saitek 3D 380 2.1 Speakers review

A powerful subwoofer, but do its satellites let it down?

The satellites don't feel quite as robust as the subwoofer

Our Verdict

Decent quality sound and inoffensive to look at, but you could get better for less money


  • Great subwoofer
  • Good sound quality


  • Satellites don't feel as well made as the sub
  • Not great value for money

This mid-price speaker set from Saitek, just misses out on the 'quality' sector.

Despite having a fairly impressive sub-woofer the satellite speakers of the Saitek 3D 380 are a bit of a disappointment. They aren't particularly stable sat up on their end and get in the way when laid down on their bellies.

Compared to the solid feel of the sub they feel very much the budget speaker - quite plasticky and a little flimsy.

Punchy sound

Still, sound-wise they do cut it; giving a beefy punch of bass when needed with clear mid-range and top audio to boot.

Having the bass controller on the satellite speakers, rather than actually on the sub itself is also a plus; so when the missus is in bed, she won't be woken by the thrum of gunfire reverberating through the floor...

The Saitek 3D 380 2.1 speakers are by no means the best or cheapest 2.1 speaker set out there, and while they are evidently capable it's still worth shopping around.