Love records, hate wires? This little black box lets you stream vinyl to your smart speakers

A2D2 Stream beside a black turntable, on a wooden table
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Got one of the best turntables, got one of the best smart speakers, and not sure how to connect ‘em? Meet the A2D2 Stream, a dinky little device that can actually bridge the gap between your turntable (or in fact your CD player, tape deck, or any audio kit with an analogue output) and any smart speaker, or multi-room network of smart speakers, you happen to own. 

This little black box is roughly the length and width of a credit card, and is essentially plug-and-play in terms of setup. It also works with AirPlay, Alexa, Chromecast, and Sonos for multi-room listening, which its makers say, is all controllable via the companion app.

It’s designed to work with any turntable or device with an audio output to any of the best wireless speakers, i.e., something that's connected your home Wi-fi network (think Sonos, Amazon Echo and so on); but, as A2D2 says on its website: "If your device outputs analogue audio, A2D2 can hear it. It'll digitise the audio it receives and then beam it to whatever device you like. We designed A2D2 to work best with smart speakers, but you can also tune in on your PC/Mac or smart TV. For private listening, you can even use your smartphone with Bluetooth or wired headphones as a portable headphone amplifier." 

Hey Mister DJ put a record on 

A2D2 Stream closeup, showing the RCA/Phono in and out, Ethernet port and 3.5mm jack

It's an awful lot of connectivity for something the length and width of a credit card…  (Image credit: A2D2)

It's no secret that vinyl's resurgence continues apace, but the popularity of tangible analogue audio products in general has skyrocketed in recent years. A2D2 says it analyzed cassette tape sales and noted a whopping 5,000% rise in sales from 2012 to 2022 – and some of that is down to me, and my love for the FiiO CP13 ode to Sony's original Walkman

Back to the A2D2 Stream, and the company is claiming big things, with a quoted 48KHz audio-to-digital conversion, or a bit depth and sample rate of up to 24-bit/192kHz with supported codecs FLAC, MP3 and WAV – so way above CD quality and into the upper echelons of hi-res audio

Along with its Wi-fi and Ethernet port (if you prefer a wired internet connection), it also totes a stereo phono/RCA in and out, a 3.5mm line out (if you wanted to listen on some of the best wired headphones), and a USB-C port for charging. 

The company also says there's one-tap connection to Sonos, AirPlay, Alexa, Denon HEOS, and Chromecast devices, compatible with all brands of smart speaker. 

Love the joy of record collecting, and hate to see a turntable gathering dust? This little black box could be just the thing – I know I'd love to try it. 

Pricing? Of course: A2D2 Stream is available now, priced £149 (that's around $185, with free delivery available to the US, or AU$285, although those prices are estimates). 

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