Ease of use is generally good. The user interface is, for the most part, extremely well designed and attractive. Navigating the set's features is aided by some lovely artwork. Unlike Panasonic's TV listings interface, the EPG is clean and attractive. Only the Wi-Fi implementation really needs a rethink.

The supplied touchscreen remote looks like the bee's knees, but proves to be a headache to use and some regular users might not persevere after initial frustrations.

While the set has an extremely well designed and intuitive user interface for most of its functions, the Wi-Fi component is impenetrable and some of its dialogue boxes are laugh-out-loud obtuse.

User interface

The remote is not really worth the hassle of trying to partner with the set because it falters with general usability. The touchscreen requires you to scrutinise every finger dab, as it's incredibly easy to hit the wrong part.

The right-hand side of the directional navigator is positioned alongside the 'Exit' button and it's very easy to quit a command inadvertently after connecting with the wrong graphic. The battery life is also limited: it can only just manage a day's use, and once depleted has to be recharged via a USB wall socket.