Samsung UE55C9000 review

Samsung's 55" Series 9 LED LCD 3D TV is the cream of the crop

Samsung UE55C9000
The aluminium frame of the Samsung Series 9 is quite simply stunning

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Samsung ue55c9000

You might expect a blade-thin TV to have insubstantial audio, but the UE55C9000 confounds when it comes to sound.

Its speakers are cleverly located in its pedestal, facing forward across its width and unless you're seeking them out, you won't spot them. However, they deliver a well-rounded stereo spread. Naturally, there are a variety of processing modes, but for most use you can leave the screen on 'SRS Movie'. Power output is rated at 30w (2 x 15W).

In movie viewing we would still recommend utilising a separate multichannel sound system, but for every-day use the screen is fine.


Value is more difficult to access. Clearly, much of the cost of the UE55C9000 is tied up in that gloriously engineered chassis. Ultimately, this is not a screen you'll audition if you're on a budget.

This is for lovers of the extraordinary; viewers who hanker for something a little bit special. A number of brands exist in this niche, catering for well-heeled customers, but it's unlikely that the likes of Loewe and Bang & Olufsen could have foreseen being shown a clear pair of heels by Samsung.

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