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Mobile commerce on the rise in Europe

Mobile commerce on the rise in Europe
Europe is buying more goods via mobile

A new study by comScore of the European mobile commerce market shows a healthy growth in smartphone users buying goods and services from their phone.

The May comScore MobiLens survey showed that the top five EU mobile markets (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom) nearly doubled over the past year, with nearly a quarter of smartphone users in the UK accessing online retail sites and apps on their device, and 1 in 8 EU5 smartphone users actually completed a retail transaction on their phones.

Of the European nations surveyed by comScore the UK is the most mobile commerce friendly, with nearly a quarter (23.1%) of all smartphone owners in the UK having accessed some online retail site from their mobile in the last three months.

The UK is closely followed by Germany where 22.6% have accessed a retail site on their mobile, however the rest of the Europe is way behind on m-commerce, with Italy trailing in third-place with just 13.6% and both Spain and France around one in ten of the population accessing retail sites from their mobile.

Of the European markets the UK was the largest market with almost 6.5 million smartphone users accessing retail sites on their mobile, a growth of 74% over this time last year, closely followed by Germany with 5.8 million users who have accessed retail sites. At the bottom was cash-strapped Spain with just 1.9 million smartphone users, however while they maybe at the bottom their market is growing fast, with an enormous 141% growth year on year.

The top five most popular choices for a mobile transaction where clothing and accessories (4.3% of the smartphone audience) followed by print books (3.2%), in joint third place was consumer electronics (3.1%) and tickets (3.1%) with personal care and hygiene products (2.1%) in fifth place.

"E-Commerce has become central to many consumers' digital lives over the past few years, but we are now observing a rapid increase in the emergence of m-commerce, where consumers visit retail sites or use dedicated apps and ultimately make on-device purchases," said Hesham Al-Jehani, European mobile product manager at comScore.