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Desks be gone! 55-inch monitors new norm at Fox News

Fox News
'I'd like to thank the little people'

No desks at work - is it genius or innovative? Or in Fox News' case, kind of just funny?

Fox News has done away with desks in favor of 55-inch "big area touchscreens," or BATs, to increase the efficiency of news flow. The humongous screens will run Microsoft Windows 8, and apparently "cutting edge computer programs" which required weeks of staff training to learn.

A Wii-style remote was also shown off and used on, what else, a large video wall and will allow quicker transitions between news stories. Both the remote and all the massive screens are attempts to bring future tech into the news sphere, something Fox News says will one day become a newsroom "norm."

The implementation of large screens replacing desks is indeed futuristic, but 55-inches might be a bit excessive (and comically dwarfs the people using them).

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