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Blu-ray turns to VOD with new app

Profile 2.0 players set to offer VOD
Profile 2.0 players set to offer VOD

A German Blu-ray production studio has finally shown off a BD-Live application that we can all get excited about – VOD through your Profile 2.0 Blu-ray player.

Created by Enteractive, and recently previewed at the Media-Tech fair in Frankfurt, the new 'Videoactive' Blu-ray discs enable users to rent movie content straight from their Blu-ray machine.

The way it works is actually quite simple. Enteractive's BD-Live capable discs synch your BD player up with a rental service on the web via the disc's Java software and your players Java-enabled operating system.

Once done, you can access movie content as you would normally on your Blu-ray player. Enteractive hopes that the new discs show of the true potential of Blu-ray.

Just like watching a DVD

"The streaming service is so fast you can even start watching the movie as it's downloading. All you need is a Blu-ray Profile 2.0 player or PlayStation 3, a personal computer, high-speed internet connection and a BD-Live VoD-enabled disc," according to Lothar Kerestedjian, Director of Product & Business Development at Enteractive, said to DVD Intelligence.

"Register, preselect your favorite movies and create your play list on your PC, laptop or iPhone. Insert your BD-Live VoD-enabled disc in your Blu-ray player. Establish a broadband connection, login and enjoy your movies with the remote control. Just like watching a DVD."

Enteractive is officially launching its Videoactive discs in September at IFA, so we will hopefully have more information about this very interesting service nearer the time.

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