New Apple TV could land in April with US cable partner content in tow

Apple TV
Will the new set-top keep the same looks?

The next version of Apple TV may be here as soon as April.

That's the word coming from Bloomberg News sources, who say Apple could "introduce" the refreshed set-top box in two months. The aim is to have it on sale by Christmas, though that release time frame isn't secure.

The reason for its instability? Apple is reportedly working out video content deals with Time Warner Cable in the US and other potential partners. The firms are said to be ironing out agreements with partners on the programming and distribution front.

A deal with Time Warner would mark a first such arrangement between Apple and a pay-TV provider.

While the Cupertino company has most of the key apps on Apple TV locked down, opening its App Store (or creating Apple TV's own) and securing more video content would likely help it compete against the likes of Google Chromecast - which may also be making its way Down Under this year.

And though this news will likely only effect Stateside users, it could open doors for more partnerships between Apple and Australian content providers.

More new Apple TV features

In addition to the new content offerings, Bloomberg's sources revealed the new Apple TV will have a faster processor than its predecessor.

An upgraded interface is also said to be part of the package. The new UI will reportedly make it easier to navigate between various content offerings.

An iOS 7 build uncovered earlier this week revealed "Apple TV 4,1" - a set that looks to be a significant upgrade from the current version, a.k.a. Apple TV 3,2.

The jump to "4" suggests we're in for upgraded internal specs, and a reference to "Game Controller" could mean the new set-top will support a gamepad.

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