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Toshiba's SRT TVs make standard definition 'feel like HD'

We were hoping that Toshiba's new Super Resolution Technology (SRT) would be some new-fangled gadget to help us keep our New Year promises ("I will not buy another Microsoft operating system." Yeah, right).

Unfortunately, it turns out to be nothing more than a revolutionary system in its new Regza TVs to 'upconvert' standard definition broadcasts and DVDs to 'feel like HD'. The SRT system, found in the Regza RV-5353 and 120Hz XV545 (both in 42-, 46- and 52-inch sizes), aims to bring clean, sharp and bright, vibrant colours to help your PAL images look 'better than ever before'.

Not a Cell, mate

Technical details are sketchy but Gizmodo was told by a spokesperson that this is not the Cell-powered upconversion demonstrated at IFA this year, although it does use the same processing algorithms.

The smart tellies also have Auto View, a system to dynamically adjust the brightness depending on both ambient conditions and the video source. Toshiba claims that this could save energy while improving the viewing experience, although by our reckoning any savings would be minute.

More news on Super Resolution Technology when we have had a chance to sample its upconverting skills.