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LG fully focussed on OLEDs for the future

LG planning big assault on OLED market?
LG planning big assault on OLED market?

LG has decided that the credit crunch isn't a bad thing - it's a golden opportunity. It has vowed to increase spending on 'future growth engines', including a big look at OLEDs and solar cells.

After being one of the earliest researchers of OLED tech, LG has seemingly scaled back its efforts in the burgeoning tech category, despite the arrival of an LG OLED TV being apparently imminent.

But the company will commit more money into these future technologies, which also includes more efficient solar cells and batteries for electric cars. As you can see... futuristic.

More OLEDs, good sir

The main aim will be to improve the efficiency and yield rates of OLED tech, i.e. losing less panels during the manufacturing process, as this is currently one of the main reasons why OLED costs so much more than LCD on the market.

There have been rumours that LG is a possibility to supply the Apple netbook, though it's difficult to read a lot into that, as the same fruity company has also apparently been in talks to license Sony's OLED tech as well.

But if LG comes out with a 14-inch OLED TV this summer as some expect, then it's easy to imagine that supplying an OLED screen for Apple for an expensive netbook is a real possibility. You've got to love rumours, eh?

From Korea Times via OLED-Info