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iOS 7.1 release date may arrive this week or early next

iOS 7.1 changes
iOS 7.1 should be the end of this annoying 'white screen of death' glitch
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The general public is waiting for the iOS 7.1 release date that's supposed to bring new features and fix a bunch of annoying bugs.

Thankfully, this major update is being readied for later this week or early next week, according to Apple enthusiast website Daring Fireball.

This is based on the fact that Apple is said to be requiring iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users to install iOS 7.1 in order to stream its first iTunes Festival in the US at South by Southwest.

Since the iTunes Festival's US debut is March 11 during the Austin music, film and tech conference, Apple is expected to push the major update to iOS users any day now.

iOS 7.1. changes

iOS 7.1 has had a long 4-month beta, but it promises to make a few design tweaks and end glitches that drive people crazy.

Its "call" and "end" button icons are small and round instead of large and rectangular. Apple also replaced the ugly reddish-orange Power Off slide bar with a translucent bar and white button.

More important than these UI changes are the bug fixes. Expect the final release notes to finally address the annoying white screen of death issue that randomly soft resets iOS devices.

iOS 7.1 is the first paint job for Apple's fresh coat that was iOS 7. Even bigger changes are expected as part of iOS 8.

Maybe by then we'll see a quick way to access Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Do Not Disturb setting by holding down their respective icons in Control Center.

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