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Huge anticipation for Google's Chrome OS

TechRadar's mock-up of a potential GUI for Chrome
TechRadar's mock-up of a potential GUI for Chrome

Google Chrome OS may still be a year away from making its debut, but TechRadar readers are champing at the bit to get hold of the Windows competitor.

More than 2300 votes were cast in a poll to gauge interest in Google's operating system, following the arrival of the excellent Windows 7.

And, although 35 per cent were happy with the latest Windows, 16 per cent contented with OS X and 10 per cent confessed to being wary of Chrome OS – a big percentage admitted to being intrigued.

More than a fifth

A not inconsiderable 22 per cent of people suggested that they would download Chrome OS the moment they possibly could, so that they could try out Google's attempt at an operating system that fits in with cloud computing.

Another 14 per cent thought that Chrome-powered netbooks would be cool, with Google already stating that their early focus would be on lower-powered PCs.

Of course, the lack of any kind of early look at Chrome OS, and Google's time line of late 2010 underline the fact that there is still a lengthy wait until the operating system makes its debut.

But that's not to say that the technology world, and computing fans everywhere, aren't keeping one eye on what's going on.