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Flickr Pro dangles free 3 months in front of angry Instagram users

Flickr Pro dangles free 3 months in front of angry Instagram users
Flickr's attractive new iOS app launched earlier in December

Photo-sharing service Flickr is hoping to capitalise on the Instagram terms of service controversy, by offering free access to its Pro service.

The Yahoo-owned company is giving new and existing users three months of free Flickr Pro, the unlimited subscription service that usually costs $25 (UK£15, AUD$24) a year.

Existing users will get three free months added to their subscription.

The free offering also follows the launch of a brand new Flickr iOS app, which introduces Instagram-style filters, a brand new and attractive interface and the integration of Flickr Groups.

Sniffing the opportunity

The timing of the promotion is not insignificant, with users threatening to walk away from Instagram following a PR disaster for the Facebook-owned sharing service over the course of the last week.

Instagram issued and subsequently reneged on a new Terms of Service document, which gave it the right to use members' photos in advertisements without paying the photographer or asking for permission.

On Friday the company announced it was returning to its existing terms, but one feels that the damage has already been done.

Flicker, once the most popular photo-sharing site on the web, now sees an opportunity to regain the ground it lost to the likes of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Via Business Insider