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Nokia N900 readies for its own app store

Nokia set for Maemo app store
Nokia set for Maemo app store

The Nokia N900 is gearing up for its own flavour of the Ovi Store, Nokia's application portal for mobile phones.

The N900 runs on the Maemo operating system, so the applications need to be tweaked to work with it in some cases.

This has meant the launch of the Maemo Ovi Store has been delayed, which isn't too much of an issue as the N900 is only available through Nokia directly, and has only just been made available on Vodafone.

Plugs not necessary

The update is available over the air, so N900 users won't even have to worry about plugging the device into the computer, as it will automatically let you know you've got something to update should you have that element enabled.

The addition of Maemo apps to the Ovi Store will be a big feather in Nokia's cap if it can expand the Maemo range of internet tablet devices, which is sadly isn't going to be doing in 2010.

However, in the future it's likely this next generation OS will take the place of Symbian as the smartphone platform of choice for Nokia, thus making a thriving Maemo application community a must.

Via Nokia Conversations