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Upgrade for Nokia N95 satnav software

N95 owners can add to their mobile's onboard GPS capabilities by buying a new softare package

Sat-nav specialist ALK has launched a mobile version of its Co-Pilot Live software for the Nokia N95. Its aim is to replace the existing Nokia Maps system with a tool that doesn't require a mobile connection to work.

The supplied Nokia Maps system uses a hybrid of on-board software with downloaded maps and instructions as needed. The CoPilot Live system, however, uses maps and navigation stored on a supplied memory card. This gives you access to maps and routing information, as well as spoken and on-screen directions. And you get all this without having to connect to a mobile network.

The CoPilot Live system offers a full range of mobile-based sat-nav functionality. The package contains maps for the UK and Ireland and enables you to search for locations by postcode. Also included are thousands of points of interest (hotels, restaurants, etc) plus detailed navigation planning. Instructions can be displayed in 2D or 3D on the phone's display, with voice instructions. As well as in-car routing, the CoPilot system also has a walking mode.

CoPilot Live for the Nokia N95 is being sold now through T-Mobile and Carphone Warehouse stores and online.