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Optus is offering exclusive phone plans to keep Virgins from fleeing

With Optus having officially sacrificed Virgin Mobile, many former Virgin customers are likely now looking to take up new phone plans that offer similar value to what they had before. 

Optus, which already hosts the Virgin network, has decided to throw those displaced Virgins a bone, announcing a number of plans and phone bundles that it hopes will make the transition over to the official Optus dominion a tad smoother.

On average, the new plans and bundles (which include 24-month contracts with a phone included, alongside 12-month SIM-only plans) are around $10-$15 cheaper than their standard Optus equivalents.

For example, Optus' usual SIM-only plan with 5GB of data (on a 12-month contract) is priced at $45 per month, while the version of that plan offered to former Virgin Mobile customers is available for only $30 per month. 

If you're a Virgin Mobile customer looking to take advantage of the exclusive plans and bundles on offer, simply head over to the offer's landing page and enter your Virgin Mobile phone number.