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New mobile plan from Optus offers a whopping 100GB of data

With numerous video and audio streaming services now available on our mobiles, these days you can basically never have too much data while on the go.

So to ensure you never run out of quota to watch our favourite shows and movies, Optus has revised its My Plan Plus contract pricing and launched what the Aussie telco is calling its “best value My Plan Plus ever” with a massive 100GB of data – yes, you read that right, 100GB – for $160 a month on a 24-month contract.

How much is too much?

Inclusive in this plan is your choice of Android phone at no extra cost, unlimited national calls and texts, and unlimited international calls to select countries.

If you think 100GB is perhaps a tad too much, then there’s a $130 plan which includes 30GB of data along with unlimited standard national calls and texts, and unlimited international minutes to select countries.

The plans are aimed at SMBs and come with “[a] great range of included features, specifically tailored to suit the needs of a small business,” said Tim Cowan, Vice President of Mobile Product at Optus.

Both plans also include 1GB and 1.5GB of roaming data (with the premium plan sporting the higher number) and, as with most other Optus plans, customers can go ham on streaming services like Google Play Music, Netflix, Stan, Spotify, Pandora and Optus’ own English Premier League coverage without them counting towards data usage.