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Nokia's 'point and find' service coming soon

Nokia's Point and Find service
Nokia's Point and Find service

Nokia has said it will be launching its 'point and find' in beta form over the next few months, allowing innovative ways to interact with the world around you.

By taking a pic of something, combined with your location beamed directly from the GPS chip in your phone that spies on your every movement, you can get important info when you need it.

Cinema times

For instance, see a cinema and take a picture. Within a certain amount of time (we don't know how long... you can't tie down this kind of concept to strict deadlines) you'll get info on the cinema, such as film times, prices, the ability to book etc.

The only problem with this scenario... YOU'RE BY THE CINEMA! GO IN AND HAVE A LOOK!

But in reality, with less pointless exercises, such as snapping items advertised on billboards, perhaps you could be connected to online comparison sites, which would be far more useful.

The only thing we haven't worked out is how this can tell what you're taking pictures of. What if you take a picture of the chavs hanging outside said cinema? Will it link you to their shockingly bad MySpace pages and allow you to listen to God-awful tinny drum 'n' bass?