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Three looking at 14.4mbps mobile broadband

Three wants to speed up UK broadband
Three wants to speed up UK broadband

Mobile network operator Three has told Techradar it expects to move to even higher mobile broadband speeds as it attempts to corner the mobile broadband market.

Britain is still lagging behind the rest of Europe in terms of mobile broadband speeds, with 3.6 mbps the current default over HSDPA, though Three is working on doubling that speed.

"We're hoping to bring our network up to 7.2mbps over the summer," confirmed a spokesperson from Three to Techradar. "Our network currently offers 3.6mbps, which in real terms is around 1mbps, and we're currently investing in our network.

"This means we might get 2mbps when we upgrade. The appetite for data is huge, so we have to have a sufficiently deep network, with the right amount of density and backhaul, to cater for all customers."

14.4mbps… not all that

The spokesperson said the network is working on upgrading the speeds to an even faster 14.4mbps, but is unsure when this will be as Three is now implementing the current upgrades.

"You have to bear in mind that higher speeds mean the network becomes more sensitive. For instance, with 7.2mbps you have to be within around 200m of a mobile mast to really get the top speeds.

"What we hope to offer is greater capacity, in order to serve more users, rather than just focusing on the top speeds."