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Microsoft and Dell donate £26 to charity

The £799 XPS M1330 is one of the models that will be available in RED livery

Microsoft and Dell have teamed up with AIDS charity


. Under the deal between the PC giants and the Bono-advocated charity, £26 will be donated per special PC sold.

Dell is making special editions of its £799 XPS M1330 and £779 XPS M1530 notebooks available. Not only will they have red detailing (predictable), they will also contain a doctored version of Windows Vista Ultimate complete with RED gadgets and desktop (tacky).

The latter bit is where Microsoft comes in, y'see? The special OS will have six unique desktop wallpapers, a screensaver, two innovative Windows Sidebar gadgets and a RED-themed Windows DreamScene.

We've also heard that there will be a special edition of Dell's new XPS all-in-one PC - though we may not see this in the UK.

Product RED

The models will be available here by the end of the month it seems. Apple and Motorola are among the other technology names to have partnered with RED under its Product RED schemes.

So far, Product RED partners have contributed more than £26 million to charitable work to prevent AIDS in Africa. The charity says that £26 can provide four months of saving antiretroviral treatment for an individual.