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macOS High Sierra public beta is available to download right now

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Apple promised it would drop the public beta for macOS High Sierra this week and it’s finally here at long last.

The early version of Apple’s latest operating system for Macs is available to download now, all you have to do is follow through this link, enroll your devices and follow our how to install guide

Just be aware there are always inherent risks and potential device bricking bugs that come with new operating systems, especially untested betas such as this.

High Sierra is the second installment of macOS – since the name change from OS X – and it brings some big changes including a completely new APFS-based file system that replaces the aging HFS architecture. Now that probably won’t really mean a whole lot to you unless it complete borks all your files, but you should notice the new system is faster and save a bit more storage space.

Some changes you will actually notice include a completely reworked Photos app that adds more image editing options to make it a truer successor to Apple’s Aperture. Safari now has more options to disable autoplaying videos on websites and shield you from advertisers from tracking your online web browsing. Mail has also been tweaked to take up to 35% less space and make searching easier.

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Kevin Lee

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