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Twitter paid service in the works

Twitter looking at ways to make money
Twitter looking at ways to make money

The co-founders behind Twitter the addictive micro-blogging service have revealed that a possibility of a paid version of the service is in the works – although they were quick not to give too much information away.

Speaking at All Things Digital conference, Evan Williams, Co-founder and CEO of Twitter explained that money will start changing hands on the website, revealing: "There will be a moment when you can fill out a form or something and give us money" and that the team behind Twitter were "working on it right now."

Authentication service

It's obvious that the bods behind the blogging service want to capitalise on the success of the website, but things like advertising may not be enough of a money spinner.

The problem is, regular users won't want too much change, and you only have to look at the amount of criticism a site like Facebook gets each time it integrates any changes.

On other revenue spinner that's being looked into is to get companies paying towards an 'authentication' service, which would stop Twitter imposters.

In good news, it doesn't look like that the website will be going down the target advertising route, with Williams stating that he thinks it's probably the least interesting thing the site could do.

Via MSN Tech