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Twitter launches own photo-sharing service

Twitter takes ownership of photo uploads

Twitter has, as widely expected, launched a photo sharing service to make it easier for users to add photos to their posts.

CEO Dick Costolo told the D9 conference in California that the new service "will remove the friction from adding photos to tweets."

The service, which will be coming to both smartphone app users, and the website, will be facilitated by third-party service Photobucket.

Improved search

Costolo also hinted that the photo-sharing service will not aim to compete with Facebook's photo albums and will likely be used to upload images to single tweets

As well as sharing photos, Twitter has also updated its search functionality to include photo posts as well as video posts from services like Vimeo and YouTube.

Goodbye, Twitpic?

The announcement of an official photo-sharing service could prove to be a devastating blow for those clients currently filling the void, like Twitpic and yfrog.

Twitpic incurred the wrath of its users last month by announcing that it would assume the rights to sell any uploaded photos to third-party news agencies.

Costolo says "users will own their photos" by using Twitter's service, and many observers may feel that Twitpic is getting just desserts for its greed.

Costolo encouraged those under-threat third-party apps to "move up the value chain."