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Google: Twitter better at real-time events

Twitter - impressing Google
Twitter - impressing Google

Google's Larry Page has admitted that his company has done a 'relatively poor job' in making the most of real-time trends, praising the way in which Twitter has cornered the market in breaking news.

The Google co-founder conceded that the company was not the leader on real-time trends, with Twitter's trending topics giving a much more current snapshot of what people were talking about.

"People really want to do stuff real time and I think they [Twitter] have done a great job about it," said Page at Google's Zeitgeist conference.

Poor job

"I think we have done a relatively poor job of creating things that work on a per-second basis," he added.

However, CEO Eric Schmidt dampened talk of a potential buyout of twitter by Google, insisting that the increasingly open internet could mean that partnerships rather than buyouts would bring the information that people seek to the fore.

"There is a presumption that somehow you cannot have multiple solutions that co-exist," he said. "We can talk to them ... there is all sorts of stuff we can do.

"We do not have to buy everybody to work with them, the whole principle of the web is people can talk to each other."

Via The Guardian