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Google launches Think Quarterly magazine and website

Think Quarterly is the new, erm, quarterly publication from Google

Google has launched a new magazine in the UK for its partners and advertisers, featuring articles and blogs on the pressing online issues of the day.

The Think Quarterly magazine, as the name suggests, will be printed four times each year and is the first time Google has published its own material in this format.

Google has said it has no plans to launch the magazine as a national publication, but is offering free access to the full first issue, which focuses on data, on the Think Quarterly website.

Data overload

"Like most companies, Google regularly communicates with our business customers via email newsletters, updates on our official blogs, and printed materials," says a post on the new site.

"On this occasion, we've sent a short book about data, called Think Quarterly, to a small number of our UK partners and advertisers."

Issue #1 features an interview with Vodafone UK CEO Guy Lawrence on the problems of data overload, while showcasing a host of blogs from Google staffers and freelancers.

There's also a guide to using data to send your online video viral and how a "fact-based" worldview will transform your business.