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Google Earth murder not a murder, just a dog

Google Earth murder not a murder, just a dog
Another case solved, well done Reddit

The internet was so ready to believe that Google Earth had captured the aftermath of a grisly murder earlier this week.

Look, we cried. Blood! Blood all down the jetty! A shadow that could be a body being thrown into a lake! To Reddit! We must get a spreadsheet of suspects together.

After some hardcore investigative journalism, the world's least-sly murderers (seriously, blood all over the jetty? This is not a Tarantino movie) have been revealed to be a water-loving dog called Rama and his owners.

As local police told The Sun: "It's not a murder. It's a dog."

More blips!

We can't promise any further crime solving, but there is definitely some vibrating underwear amongst the rest of our blips.