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Charlie Sheen is fastest person to hit 1 million Twitter followers

TeamSheen proving a Twitter winner
TeamSheen proving a Twitter winner

Actor-cum-philosopher Charlie Sheen has tweeted himself into the Guinness Book Of Records for managing to reach 1 million followers on Twitter in the fastest time possible.

Sheen, who has been in the news recently for his awesome bizarre behaviour, joined Twitter just over a day ago and in a mere 25 hours, 17 minutes went over the 1 million follower mark.

A right Charlie

Even though some of Sheen's recent quotes have erred on the mental – he's apparently got tiger blood running through his veins and is on a drug called Charlie Sheen – his approach to Twitter has been a lot more pragmatic than you would expect.

Before joining the micro blogging service, according to a great post by AdAge, he contacted, the go-to company for endorsing celebrities, and was given a detailed low-down of how Twitter works.

A few image posts (his Oscar cake is simply genius), a verified account and some tweets later and Charlie Sheen is #winning on Twitter.

Via Mashable