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HTC Vive Pro reaches out with native hand and finger tracking

HTC Vive Pro

The HTC Vive Pro can now handle native hand and finger tracking without the use of controllers.

HTC showed off the new feature to developers at a VR conference in China over the weekend, which used the dual cameras on the front of the Vive Pro headset to track individual digits and joints in real-time – and pointing to a future where the headset may not need dedicated controllers at all.

The two stereoscopic cameras have been curiously unused during the Vive Pro's lifespan, though certain AR demos and games have been known to to take photos to piece together images of your surroundings.

You can get a short glimpse of what basic hand tracking looks like in the image below.

HTC Vive Pro hand tracking

Reach for the stars

It will likely be a while before this new capability trickles down to retail hardware and software, but the slow shedding of peripherals and cables seen across the VR market points to an increasingly seamless virtual experience for users.

Only last month, Oculus announced an untethered headset, Oculus Quest, which is capable of PC-quality processing and graphics, releasing to market some time in 2019.