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Google’s YouTube VR comes to Steam – sort of

YouTube VR is now available on Steam, marking the first time that it’s been available on a platform other than Google’s own Daydream. 

It’s a significant move, as previously owners of top-of-the-range VR headsets have been unable to access the ever-increasing repository of VR videos. 

And for the time being, many of those users are still unable to experience (among other offerings) the a VR space walk due to bugs in the system. 

Over before it's begun

Many users on the official Steam forums are reporting that YouTube VR crashes instantly upon opening, which obviously isn’t a brilliant start. That said, it is totally free, and in ‘early access’ so that Google can get feedback from the Steam community. 

We’re guessing a lot of the feedback is going to be ‘make it actually open’. The good news is that once the early access period is over, it’s still going to be free. It will be interesting to see if YouTube monetizes the service through 360 advertising to mirror its 2D counterpart. 

If you want to get in on the early access, you can download YouTube from the Steam store now.

Via The Verge