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Windows 10 for Xbox One will arrive 'post-summer', says Microsoft

Xbox One and Windows 10
The Xbox One and Windows 10, working in harmony.

If you've been keeping up to date with all the breaking Windows 10 news then you might have wondered exactly when the revamped OS will make its way to the Xbox One. Thanks to Xbox chief Phil Spencer, we have a new hint.

Replying to a tweet, Spencer said the beta edition of Windows 10 would arrive on the Xbox One "post-summer". The Microsoft executive didn't elaborate any further, so that's all you're going to get on the matter for now.

Have a look at your wall calendar and you'll see "post-summer" could mean this autumn, or spring 2018. In fact, it doesn't narrow down things much at all - but realistically, it sounds like the beta will arrive not long after the summer months, and probably sooner than most people expected.

It's going to be a significant software jump for the Xbox One too, bringing streaming to Windows desktops and the ability to capture and edit game footage on a connected Windows 10 computer. There's a good chance we'll hear more at E3 next month.