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Microsoft's in the money as revenues jump

Microsoft's in the money as revenues jump
Ballmer - all about the Benjamins

Microsoft reported its latest revenue figures to the strains of "We're in the Money" (we expect) as it broke records with its income for the second fiscal quarter.

The company's revenue reached heady new heights of $20.9 billion (£13.5 billion), with its entertainment and devices division up by 15 per cent thanks to the continuing success of the Xbox and its associated bits and pieces.

One part of the business that has dropped off, though, is Windows – sales were down six per cent compared to 2010, taking "only" $4.74 billion (just over £3 billion).

Lend us a fiver?

Since Windows 8 is set for release this year, we can't imagine Microsoft is too worried about this drop off, with CEO Steve Ballmer pointing to 2012's launches for more pick up.

"We delivered solid financial results, even as we prepare for a launch year that will accelerate many of our key products and services," he said.

Microsoft's not letting on how much it makes from its Windows Phone operations though, no doubt partly because it makes more from shilling Android manufacturers for patent fees than it does from selling phones.

Oooh, zing.

From Reuters