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Seagate preps 1TB hard drive

The era of affordable tera has arrived. Seagate's first 1TB hard disk is yours for £200

Seagate has announced its first 1TB consumer hard drive. Due out in the third quarter of this year, the new Barracuda 7200.11 will retail for around £200.

Along with the enormous 1TB (1,000GB) of raw storage, the drive should offer nippy performance thanks to a 32MB pool of cache memory. Seagate claims the drive is capable of a 105MB/s sustained transfer rate.

The 1TB capacity is achieved courtesy of four 250GB platters and Seagate's second generation perpendicular recording technology.

Predictably, Seagate also reckons the drive is extremely power efficient and exceptionally quiet.

For the record, the 7200.11 boasts an idle power consumption of 8 watts and industry-leading acoustics of 2.7 Bels

The Barracuda ES.2

The 7200.11 consumer drive is a standard 3.5-inch form factor disk. It will be joined by the Barracuda ES.2, a closely related but business-orientated drive with a slightly longer 1.2 million hour mean time before failure.

The cheaper 7200.11 is rated to last one million hours before losing the will to dish out data.

The new drives join Hitachi 's competing 7k1000, also priced around the £200 mark, in the cutting edge 1TB disk market later this year. Just in time, therefore, to soak up your overflowing, and entirely legitimate, HD video libraries...

Jeremy Laird