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Jaguar's wearable key wants to go surfing

Jaguar's wearable key wants to go surfing
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Modern car keys are big, bulky and just a bit of a nuisance. They create unsightly bulges in pockets and if you're dressed head to toe in sports gear there's rarely a place to put them. Until now.

Jaguar's Activity Key may not be a solution for the masses, but for those who lead active lifestyles - keen cyclists, runner, surfers etc - it's certainly a handy advancement.

If you can afford to treat yourself to a brand new Jaguare F-Pace (we're talking upwards of £34,000 here) then you may want to splash out on this waterpoof optional extra which is part of the £878 (around US$1,200, AU$1,600) sporting pack.

Jaguar Activity Key

Riding the wave of technology

Slap the activity key on your wrist and when you arrive at your destination leave your traditional fob in the car and head to the rear of the F-Pace. Then just tap the wearable on the J of the Jaguar logo on the vehicle and it'll lock the car and disable the key fob inside.

Jaguar Activity Key

That's useful, because it prevents anyone who potentially breaks into your car while you're out being healthy, from starting the engine and driving off. Phew!

For now the Activity Key is only available with the F-Pace, but we expect Jaguar to roll out the functionality to more of it models, including its sister brand Land Rover, in the future. It also paves the way for the technology to appear in more affordable vehicles in the next few years.

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