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Can't find a SNES Classic in Australia? If you're quick, you can snag one today

Previously known as Catch of the Day, the Australian retail website Catch will be celebrating its 11th birthday by hosting a 24-hour sale today (October 12) that will see a number of discounted and hard-to-acquire items on offer. 

The most sought-after item on that list? Why, that would be the SNES Classic Mini, which is currently sold out pretty much everywhere in Australia.

Thankfully, Catch will have 1,000 units of Nintendo's new retro console up for grabs throughout the day, with the first batch of 500 consoles going on sale at 11am AEST, and the remaining 500 units going on sale at 6pm AEST. 

Unlike most of the deals listed on the site, the console will be sold at its usual retail price ($119), though we suppose you can't really expect a huge discount on an item that's in such high demand.

The rest of the deals that Catch will be offering for its 11th birthday bash will begin at 10am AEST today. We suggest getting on the site early so you don't miss out.