Stream or skip? The Boys, Physical, Interceptor and more weekend TV picks

The Boys: Season 3
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With so many shows and movies to choose from on Australia's major streaming services, it can often be difficult to find the best new stuff to entertain yourself with each end of week, and which stuff to avoid.

In an effort to make things easier, we've singled-out the most high profile new shows and movies on Aussie streaming platforms this weekend, covering the likes of Netflix, Disney Plus, Binge, Foxtel Now, Stan, Apple TV Plus and Amazon Prime video. Our goal is to give you the low-down on what to watch and what to skip. 

Below, you'll find a list of new streaming highlights, with TV shows sitting alongside some note-worthy movie arrivals. Of course, not everything will be worth your time, so we've taken the liberty of giving each entry a 'stream' or 'skip' grade.

The weekend brings some hitters to Australia's streaming scene, including highly anticipated third season of The Boys on Amazon Prime Video, the second season of Apple's aerobics-themed show Physical, Netflix's action-packed Interceptor, and the latest South Park movie event on Paramount Plus. Here are our streaming picks for the weekend of June 3-5, 2022.


The Boys (season 3)

(TV series – available 3/6/2022)

The Boys returns for its long-awaited third season this weekend, with Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) and the gang continuing their fight against the unchecked power of 'supes' like Homelander (Antony Starr). Unfortunately for them, Homelander has lost his freakin' mind since we last saw him, and now Billy must take on temporary super powers in order to level the playing field.

Verdict: STREAM

Stream The Boys on Amazon Prime Video

Physical (season 2)

(TV series – available 3/6/2022)

When the first season of Physical landed on Apple TV Plus, many people weren't prepared for how dark the show actually is. They went in expecting a fun '80s series like GLOW and were instead confronted with the self-destructive inner thoughts of a quietly tortured housewife. Those who stuck with the show, however, were rewarded with an emotionally complex woman's journey to better herself and realise her full potential through her newfound passion of aerobics. Things were only just getting started at the close of last season, and we can't wait to see where Physical goes from here.

Verdict: STREAM

Stream Physical on Apple TV Plus


(Movie – available 20/5/2022)

Aussie resident Elsa Pataky (Fast and Furious series) gets the leading role in Interceptor, a Netflix Original action movie shot in Sydney. The film follows Army captain JJ Collins (Pataky) who must put her tactical training and military expertise to use when a team of terrorists attempts to take control of the remote missile interceptor station she commands. If you love military actioners like Under Siege and The Rock, this should be up your alley.

Verdict: STREAM

Stream Interceptor on Netflix

The Orville: New Horizons

(TV series – available 3/5/2022)

The Orville's move to Hulu in the US sees the show's third season return with a new name in The Orville: New Horizons. While new Hulu shows usually arrive on Disney Plus in Australia (which is where you can stream the The Orville's first two seasons), The Orville: New Horizons is curiously exclusive to SBS On Demand for the time being. That means you'll have to suffer through ads and middling stream quality. Look on the bright side: at least you don't have to pay for another service!

Verdict: STREAM

Stream The Orville on SBS On Demand

South Park: The Streaming Wars

(TV special – available 3/5/2022)

South Park has been phoning it in for a while now, and its latest TV movie special event seems like more of the same. For those out of the loop, South Park: The Streaming Wars is the first South Park special event movie since the dreadfully unfunny South Park: Post Covid TV movie that released late last year. Based on the short trailer above, we're in no real hurry to check this new one out, but we imagine devoted South Park fans will want to anyway. Everyone else should probably find something else to watch.

Verdict: SKIP

Stream South Park: The Streaming Wars on Paramount Plus

Floor Is Lava (season 2)

(TV series – available 3/5/2022)

Floor Is Lava is about as brainless as game shows get, with the object being that contestants must navigate a themed course while avoiding the bubbling red liquid all around them. If they fall in, it's game over. This season sees a selection of returning players joined by some of Netflix's most vacuous reality stars. Sure, it's incredibly dumb, but also harmless and quite fun in the right mindset. Need to shut your brain off after a hard day's work? There are worse things you can stream.


Stream Floor Is Lava on Netflix

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