Hands on: Lenovo Tab3 review

Android tablets that keep it family-friendly

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Our Early Verdict

Aimed squarely at decent for the price - the tablet seems to reach this relatively low bar.


  • Cheap Solid enough Family-friendly


  • Cheaply built Chunky Not fast

Lenovo has taken aim squarely at the family market with its low-cost Tab3 7 and Tab3 8 tablets - offering up a familiar Android experience with low-end specs at a low price.

The Key difference between the Tab3 7 and 8 is, as you have probably guessed, the screen - with the latter offering up an 8-inch HD display and the former a standard definition 7 inches.

These are not tablets built for the premium end of the market, and it shows. The tablets look and feel cheap - constructed of plastic and chunky in the hand.

Lenovo Tab3 8

They do, however, feel relatively robust - not excessively creaky when you surreptitiously give them a bit of a flex under the watchful eye of the stand attendants.

Let's be honest, these are not going to be something you show off to your friends. The screen quality, even on the better HD Lenovo3 8 is just about acceptable - although the inclusion of software that can filter out some of the blue light is a nice addition as we seek to protect our kids from the eternal sunshine of the spotless tablet.

This is just one of the kid-friendly features: Lenovo has sensibly included a kids mode that will let you leave the tablet in your young ones' hands without worrying too much about them stumbling into the dark corners of the web, and we're not talking about rival tech sites.

Lenovo Tab3 chunky

We weren't in an environment where we could truly test the sound on these tablets, but they do include Dolby Atmos, which bodes well for a tablet at entry level.

Powering the Tab3 7 and Tab3 8 is a 1GHz Quad Core chip which keeps things chuntering along. It's not exactly a Zippy experience but it's not Bungled either.

Lenovo Tab3

There's a stingy 16GB of memory, so it's not going to be a media tablet you can get away with overloading for holidays.

You can actually get the Tab3 8 for cheaper than the Tab3 7 if you plump for the Wi-Fi only option that's only available in the larger version (and around $99 - about £69 or AU$137). The LTE-toting Tab 3 7 comes in at $129 (around £91, AU$179) and the LTE 8 inch version $149 (around £105, AU$207). The on-sale date is June.

What is a hands on review?

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