We shoot a specially designed chart in carefully controlled conditions and the resulting images are analysed using DXO Analyzer software to generate the data to produce the graphs below.

A high signal to noise ratio (SNR) indicates a cleaner and better quality image.

For more more details on how to interpret our test data, check out our full explanation of our noise and dynamic range tests.

JPEG signal to noise ratio

Samsung EX2F review

Although the Samsung EX2F's JPEGs don't perform as well as those from the Canon G12, Nikon P7100 and Panasonic LX7 for signal to noise ratio at low sensitivities, the raw files reveal what the camera is really capable of if you choose to process images yourself.

Nevertheless, our resolution chart test images reveal that even the Samsung EX2F's JPEG files can out-resolve those from the other cameras.

Raw signal to nose ratio

Samsung EX2F review

JPEG dynamic range

Samsung EX2F review

While the Samsung EX2F's JPEG files have a respectable dynamic range of around 10 EV between ISO 100-400, the raw files are significantly better, hitting a high of around 11.5EV, which beats the Canon G12, Nikon P7100 and Panasonic LX7.

Raw dynamic range

Samsung EX2F review


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