10 terrible tech travel mistakes to avoid this summer

How not to spark a holiday romance

9. Abusing stargazing apps

10 terrible tech travel mistakes to avoid
Clumsily pointing at a free iPad app doesn't make you Professor Brian Cox

We like learning about space, and our summer holiday is usually the only time of the year when we're likely to be somewhere outdoorsy with a big horizon-to-horizon view of the night sky - perhaps even somewhere dark enough to show the Milky Way in all its glory (at what other time of year does anyone actively seek out a sunset or sunrise?).

We like having someone knowledgeable to point out constellations, star clusters and planets, but that's not the same as having some berk proudly thrust a tablet in our face to "show us" where Venus is by pointing at their free Night Sky app. And on a bright LCD screen that instantly kills our night vision, too.

Those apps - which, incidentally, all get very confused anywhere near the equator - are great for solitary learning. So come back next year when you've learned enough to actually point something out in the sky. We can all use apps.

10. Back-packing with bulky noise cancelling headphones

In theory these are great; what better way to block out the din of air travel than by donning a massive pair of headphones that cleverly create a sheen of calculated silence?

Except, when the flight is complete, they're virtually useless - too big and clumsy to wear around your neck in hot climates and a pain to stow in a backpack, they're another symptom of our obsession with how awful flying is. They almost always come with massive protective cases, and most of them don't have a passive non-battery mode.

Still, it could be worse. On a recent trip we spotted a family of five - including three kids no older than 10 years old - all sporting a pair of Beats by Dr Dre. We're sure they had a lot of fun on their holiday.

Did we forget any other irritating tech habits of tourists? Seen anyone doing all of the above at once, or something even weirder? Leave your suggestions in the comments below.