Samsung Gear S3 tipped for September with the S2's best feature

There was never much doubt that Samsung would make a Gear S3, after all, the Samsung Gear S2 is one of the best smartwatches around. But we now have a good idea of when the Gear S3 is actually coming and the wait is almost over.

According to SamMobile, the wearable will land during IFA 2016, which takes place from September 2-7. That lines up with previous rumors, so it seems likely, especially as Samsung is bringing the launch of the Galaxy Note 7 forward to August, leaving it with an IFA-shaped hole where it can show off the Gear S3.

But that's not all we've heard, as the same source claims that the Gear S3 will have a rotary bezel, which means you can expect the face to be circular, as with its predecessor, and for the bezel to rotate, giving you an intuitive way to scroll through menus.

Time to get excited

The rotating bezel was one of the best features of the Samsung Gear S2, so it's great news that it's tipped to return here.

Hopefully some things will change though. We'd like to see more customization options this year for a start, and the option to use it with any Android smartphone.

But the Samsung Gear S3 is worth getting excited about if you're looking for your next wearable. The Gear S2 is already sitting at the top of our best smartwatches list and along with the upcoming Apple Watch 2 the S3 could easily be one of the wearable highlights of the year.