Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch reveal all but confirmed for IFA 2016

Plus signs there will be more than one watch

Samsung has sent out invites for a second event just days before IFA 2016, and like another recent Sammy summons, it leaves little question as to what's in store.

Scheduled for August 31, this "mobile event" takes place a day prior to Samsung's IFA press conference. Featured on the invite is a blue circle with a minute and hour hand, clearly forming a watch face. The hands are at 6 o'clock; fitting as that's when the event kicks off in the evening local time.

Below the watch, it reads "Talk about 3", and at the bottom of the invitation it plainly says "Gear".

The no-frills invite leaves a trail of clues that point straight to the Gear S3 smartwatch making its debut at the event. See for yourself:

Samsung invite

Samsung Mobile also took to Twitter to herald the watch's arrival.

"Stay tuned for a timely innovation. August 31. Berlin" a tweet sent earlier this afternoon reads. Posted alongside is a GIF'd version of the invite you see above, and the top of Samsung Mobile's profile is plastered with one as well. Subtle, this is not.

Note the website listed - we've asked Samsung for confirmation that it plans to stream the event, but it's a safe bet you'll be able to follow the action at home if you choose.

Gear multiplied

So, to recap: Samsung is holding two IFA-related events, one on August 31 and another on September 1. The invitations for both events feature elements of a watch, not to mention all but saying "Gear S3" on the invite for the first event.

Now, what's curious is that the watch hands are clearly different between the invitations. This could be a simple oversight, or it could point to Samsung unveiling more than one variant of the Gear S3. Or, it could mean Samsung is about to announce an non-Gear watch in addition to the Gear S3.

Our money is on the middle option since the Gear S2 already comes in two styles; you may notice the watch hands on the invites are similar to the ones found on the standard Gear S2 and Gear S2 Classic.

The Gear S3 is rumored to have multiple flavors as well, though this time around it's thought to include a third option. Buyers will reportedly be able to choose between Gear S3 Classic, Gear S3 Explorer and Gear S3 Frontier editions.

One last thing about the invite: while the watch face looks about as standard as they come, what is interesting is the blue dot on the bottom, right around 8 o'clock. It doesn't sync up with the look of the Gear S2, so it could signal a new feature coming to the next-gen smartwatch.

We'll be on the ground at IFA to bring you the latest on Samsung, including our hands-on impressions with however many Gear S3's it unveils.