Three’s big data phone and SIM only deals are winning over the UK market

If you’re after a great SIM only deal or a new mobile phone deal this month, you might want to check out the Three network’s new big data plans.

In the last week, though, Three has gone super aggressive with ‘big data’ deals on both handsets and SIM only plans, with 8GB, 30GB and unlimited data plans in particular putting the other networks in the shade.

TechRadar spoke to a major phone reseller who described these Three deals as "killing everybody". Hyperbole maybe but the deals look strong.

Three's big data mobile phone deals

As an example of the value on offer here, Three is currently offering SIM only deals with 30GB data allowance for just £18 per month. That includes 600 minutes and unlimited texts, as well as 'Feel at Home' roaming.

If you wanted to get unlimited data, you can get that from Three for £24 per month . The only other network that offers 'unlimited data' SIM deals is GiffGaff which charges £20 - and even then your speeds are capped after just 6GB.

To put this into context, the cheapest 30GB SIM only plan from EE right now costs £39.99 per month. The closest O2 SIM only deal costs £26 monthly for 25GB, while for £22 per month you can get 20GB on Vodafone. These aren't bad deals really, but next to the Three option they now look comparably weak.

Big data mobile phone deals

It’s not just SIM only that benefits from these super Three deals, either. You can currently get an iPhone 7 for free upfront and just £36 per month for 30GB data and unlimited everything else.

Samsung Galaxy S8 deals are similarly dominated by Three, with 30GB available for £124.99 upfront and £39 per month. That sounds (well, is) expensive but if you consider that EE is offering a SIM only deal with 30GB for £39 per month – the Three option effectively offers you the Galaxy S8 handset for the equivalent of the £124.99 upfront fee.

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