This 5GB data SIM only deal for £6.50 per month is the best of Black Friday so far

TechRadar has teamed up with Mobile Phones Direct to give TechRadar readers what is probably the best SIM only deal of the year for Black Friday. This exclusive deal gets you 5GB data, 500 minutes of calls and unlimited texts on the Vodafone network for effectively a ridiculously cheap £6.50 per month.

The tariff you sign up for with this deal is actually a standard Vodafone plan which costs you £13.50 per month for the above allowance. But our link allows you to reclaim £84 of that as cashback, which effectively leaves you paying the bonkers-cheap £6.50 per month fee.

SIM only deals have been coming thick and fast from other providers, but we haven't seen any better than this as yet. We have more information on this exclusive offer below, and then a rundown of the best of the rest of Black Friday SIM only offerings.

Exclusive SIM only deal in full:

Vodafone | 12-month contract | 5GB data | 500 mins | Unlimited texts | £6.50 per month (after cashback)
We've spent the last few months telling anybody who will listen that Three's 4GB for £9pm SIM is one of the best value plans around. But thanks to the huge £84 cashback on offer here, this Vodafone deal betters it. We'd be very surprised if anybody tops this price over the course of Black Friday.

Get this 5GB Vodafone SIM only deal now

How do I claim the cashback?

Mobile Phones Direct gives a full explanation of how to claim back your cash on its website. Every two months from March 2018 onwards, you'll claim a fifth of the total cashback sum.

To claim, you have to fill out a cashback claims form which can be found in the ‘My Account’ section of the Mobile Phones Direct website. Claims must be received within 60 days from the date shown on the bill. Once approved, Mobile Phones Direct says that cashback is paid within 14 working days directly into your bank account.

It's also worth noting that the cashback offer becomes void if you disconnect from the network prior to making your payments.

The other best SIM only deals of Black Friday so far:

iD | 1 month contract | 2.5GB data | 250 mins | 5000 texts | £6 per month
iD, which is owned by Carphone Warehouse, is regularly the cheapest network for cheap SIM only deals. If you're just looking for something to tide you over and don't want a full year commitment, then this is a superb option. 

View this rolling 1 month SIM only deal from iD

Plusnet | 30-day contract | 5GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | £10 per month
A tenner a month gets you a healthy 5GB of data with Plusnet. Plusnet works off EE's coverage, and EE is the fastest 4G network in the UK. So this is a bargain price for potentially fast data surfing. 

View this rolling 30-day SIM only deal from Plusnet

Virgin Mobile | 12-month contract | 20GB data | 5000 mins | Unlimited texts | £15 per month
Virgin Mobile isn't usually on the tip of our tongue when recommending SIM only deals, but this tariff makes it well worth a look. 20GB of data is more than most people will ever need, and £15 is a very good price for it..

View this 20GB Virgin Mobile SIM only deal

Best SIM only deals

If you want to go with a network other than those above (Three SIM only deals are some of the best around) or just want to compare these SIM only deals to the best of the rest of the market, then you can use the interactive price comparison chart on our best SIM only deals page.